A-All County Termite & Pest Cl

A-All County Termite & Pest Cl

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Company name: A-All County Termite & Pest Cl

Activity: Pest, Termite

Attn: Strothers, Dennis M

3900 Woodchase #105

Houston, Texas

County: Harris

ZIP Code: 77042

Phone number: (713) 206-4322

Fax number: (713) 972-0022


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A-All County Termite & Pest Cl on the map


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6 thoughts on “A-All County Termite & Pest Cl”

  1. Saw a all county pest control on channel 2 news they scam people do not hire them. Call OPEC channel 2 and ask about the story aired September 19 2011 on the 10pm news if you don’t believe me.

  2. Run away folks. Dennis was caught in a sting operation on Channel 2 on September 19th of 2011. He’s a crook who took advantage of a cancer patient. He’s got more than 10 complaints against him with the state pest control board. He’s a loser, he claims to be a christian businessman and he would sell his family and friends to make a dollar.

  3. Just saw the report and will say that this man illegally ran our credit cards without our consent. We had to fight with him just to get the money returned to us. They do poor work and I had to call them back out 4 times then finally called someone else. We are Jewish and he acted like he was Jewish thinking we’d only want our work down by a Jewish business owner. We caught him in a lie about it when we asked him to come back on a Sunday and he had forgotten he told us he was Jewish. He said he refused to work on Sundays for his religious beliefs and that he spent most of the day at his church. I have to say that this man is a very poor excuse for a human being.

  4. Unfortunately I have paid Dennis the scam artist $1,685.32 before I realized he is a crook. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY – MAKE SURE YOU GOOGLE HIS NAME AS HE HAS A HABIT OF CREATING DIFFERENT COMPANIES TO FOOL YOU!

  5. These reviews are TRUE. I have been dealing with this guy for over 2 years and he RARELY shows up when he supposed to, always have a new excuse about some personal tragedy. I have been having him come out to get rid of ants in my house for over a year and still have the ants! AND, every time he comes out he comes up with another reason to ask for money. Now he will not return my phone calls at all, after I have spent over $1500 with him these past two years. What a crook.

  6. This guy, Dennis Strothers (the owner of All County Termite and Pest Control), came by after treating my neighbor’s house for everything under the sun. He went to her church and he took advantage of that connection. We had a little mouse problem that has turned into a nightmare! On first inspection of the house he told us that we should be treated for carpenter ants because our neighbor had them so bad!! He stated that he had found 10 rats at my neighbor’s house and one was in the backyard that was a foot long and that he also found a snake in her backyard; he never told her any of that. We told him we had caught one mouse in our attic and he said that he would spray this de-scenter that would take away the scent of the mouse urine so that more mouse would not come. He sprayed something around our house and on our fence line. Honestly, the way it was sprayed our whole front and back porch was drenched and it looked and smelled like water, wonder if that was all it was. He put bait out for the rodent problem in our attic. I specifically told him my concerns about bait, I didn’t want mice to die in my walls and stink up my house. He assured me that the bait he uses will make them get thirsty and they will leave the house to drink and when they drink, the poison will be activated and then they will die outside the house. So he put bait everywhere and came back to check the attic at which time, he told me that the good news was that the rat/mice have taken the bait. But the bad news is that I have a snake in my attic! Being completely and insanely afraid of snakes, I freaked out! My house by the way is a 2 story and the attic is on the top of the second story. He charged us another fee to spray some kind of gas in the attic to make the snake leave. He said he would be back to close off all the areas of the house that the mice could get in. When he returned he explained to me that I would need another treatment for the snake to keep it out and wanted another fee. He also told me a story everytime he returned about him being in the hospital or such. 3 mice have died in my walls or attic, the smell is grotesque and he will not return our calls. When I looked up his company and name on the internet and found all those other reviews and heard he had been in an undercover sting operation with channel 2 news in Houston in Sept. 2011 for scamming people, I was sick to my stomache. My parents live across the street and he inspected their house and told them that it looked like they had carpenter ant damage and that he would cut them a good deal since the were Senior Citizens and that he thought they might have a rodent problem and he would put bait out, which though they were charged for, thank God, he never did!! My neighbor he took for about $1500, us he got for about $500 and my parents for about $300. My advice is to STAY AWAY from him and his company!! He has been reported to the BBB and to the State Board of Exterminators, why does he still have a liscense??

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